people change,
just as the coffee cools...
Sou complexado. Em um momento to sorrindo, fazendo os outros gargalharem, pulando feliz por aí­ e no outro só quero deitar na cama e acordar mês que vem.
Vinícius Kretek
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You make me wanna scream, Matt <3

We’re still very good friends, all of us. We’re going on holiday together at the end of the year. I’m trying to convince them that we should go to Brazil - I don’t know if they want to go, but I’ll try.

My beautiful angel in the sky… <3

Love of my life.

I want Dylan Sprayberry and Mayson Dye to f*** all night long. Thanks

liars <3

Rihanna, where have u been all my life? <3 <3